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Riddle Oil Sample Pack: My First Impressions

  I recently read this Buzzfeed article that talked about Riddle Oil and I instantly looked up the website to order some for myself! Isn't it weird how you 'um' and 'ah' over some purchases for ages but others you need to have as soon as you hear about it!? Well this article did a… Continue reading Riddle Oil Sample Pack: My First Impressions

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5 Minute Review: Forlini’s Italian

Forlini's is the name that comes up all over the internet when searching for the 'best Italian restaurant in Little Italy'! It's supposed to be one of the oldest and most authentic but who can really say? As it consistently comes up at the top of the review boards, we decided to check it out. Unlike… Continue reading 5 Minute Review: Forlini’s Italian

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5-Minute Review: Emmetts Pizza

Everyone comes to New York wanting to eat floppy New York Style Pizza, and yeh - if you find a good slice, it's good! But we've had our fair share of disappointing pizza already and Mr H wanted a bit of a change. So, we decided to check out Emmetts, a tiny pub in Greenwich Village serving… Continue reading 5-Minute Review: Emmetts Pizza

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5-minute Reviews

New York has so many eating establishments that I go crazy from all the choice and end up too scared to make a decision #fomo! To help me hopefully pick the right places, I've been reading a shit ton of reviews - sometimes literally up until the moment I get to a cash register to… Continue reading 5-minute Reviews


Taking the Staten Island Ferry

Ever since we got here, the only tourist attraction that has been of any interest to Mr H is the Statue of Liberty. Growing up, it was that one landmark that he associated with the USA and so he needed to tick it off his bucket list. There are plenty of boat tours that will take you… Continue reading Taking the Staten Island Ferry