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First Impressions of New York

Ok, so this isn't exactly my first impression of the USA, but it's the first time I've had to look at New York as a home and it's also Mr H's first time spending so long in the country! I know this post is long overdue but...I've been busy settling into life in New York, ok!? The… Continue reading First Impressions of New York

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UK Home comforts that you miss in the USA

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a considerable amount over the last 10 years or so. My time abroad has been spread out across a combination of relaxing ‘holiday’ holidays, ‘backpacking’ holidays and ‘visiting family abroad’ holidays (which only half count :P). America is normally one of these family holidays for me, so I’m used to […]

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My Top 5 Tips for first time travel to the USA

I am a frequent United States fact I'm actually a Greencard holder (woop!). Mr Honeymooner however, is not. He's also awful at planning in advance and so if I wasn't here to prepare him for his trip he'd probably be turned away at the airport for forgetting his passport or something ridiculous like that. If… Continue reading My Top 5 Tips for first time travel to the USA