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5-minute Review: Ten Ren’s Tea Time

There are almost as many bubble tea shops in Chinatown as there are pizza places in Little Italy! Most of the shops use a powder blend for their drinks, making for a slightly thicker but more artificial tasting tea. During one of my New York research sessions, I came across a loose-leaf tea shop called Ten… Continue reading 5-minute Review: Ten Ren’s Tea Time

Mulberry Street
5 minute reviews, food, Travel Tips

5-minute Review: Paesano’s of Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street in Little Italy is lined with Italian restaurants and, with the menu's being pretty much identical, it's difficult to decide where to eat. I can't say I've eaten at them all, but I can give you my review of our experience at Paesano's and hope it helps in some way. This was our… Continue reading 5-minute Review: Paesano’s of Mulberry Street

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5-minute Reviews

New York has so many eating establishments that I go crazy from all the choice and end up too scared to make a decision #fomo! To help me hopefully pick the right places, I've been reading a shit ton of reviews - sometimes literally up until the moment I get to a cash register to… Continue reading 5-minute Reviews


Taking the Staten Island Ferry

Ever since we got here, the only tourist attraction that has been of any interest to Mr H is the Statue of Liberty. Growing up, it was that one landmark that he associated with the USA and so he needed to tick it off his bucket list. There are plenty of boat tours that will take you… Continue reading Taking the Staten Island Ferry

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Bright Lights, Big City! – 11 tips on how to visit New York on a budget

I grew up in the 'almost-city' of Milton Keynes, just north of London in the UK. Even though it's grid system and boulevards were based on the layouts of American cities, it never really appealed to me as much as the other 'real' cities I visited in the USA. After moving to Central London for university… Continue reading Bright Lights, Big City! – 11 tips on how to visit New York on a budget

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Organic Life in Chinatown NYC

You would think that, having been here for almost two weeks now, I've probably been out, exploring and 'touristing' all day every day, but actually, I don't know where the time has gone! As much as I had planned for long day trips and tourist-trap outings, our first week or so in the big apple… Continue reading Organic Life in Chinatown NYC

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First Impressions of New York

Ok, so this isn't exactly my first impression of the USA, but it's the first time I've had to look at New York as a home and it's also Mr H's first time spending so long in the country! I know this post is long overdue but...I've been busy settling into life in New York, ok!? The… Continue reading First Impressions of New York

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UK Home comforts that you miss in the USA

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a considerable amount over the last 10 years or so. My time abroad has been spread out across a combination of relaxing ‘holiday’ holidays, ‘backpacking’ holidays and ‘visiting family abroad’ holidays (which only half count :P). America is normally one of these family holidays for me, so I’m used to […]

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My Top 5 Tips for first time travel to the USA

I am a frequent United States visitor...in fact I'm actually a Greencard holder (woop!). Mr Honeymooner however, is not. He's also awful at planning in advance and so if I wasn't here to prepare him for his trip he'd probably be turned away at the airport for forgetting his passport or something ridiculous like that. If… Continue reading My Top 5 Tips for first time travel to the USA