Who am I?

Sorry – had to crop the hubby out!


My name’s Priya. I’m a UK based, newly-wed bride, semi-new house’wife’ and very new blogger!

I’m not a writer or a journalist, or even a photographer, but I love a creative project and that’s why I’ve started the Full-time Honeymooner blog.

My journey starts a month after our big day, just 2 weeks before we leave for our 3 month honeymoon. ¬†Along the way I’ll share my travel planning tips, reviews on our visit and general housewife rambles! I’ll probably even post some remnant wedding planning advice and photos!

Follow me on Instagram @fulltimehoneymooner to keep up with regular photos and videos of life as it plays out!

If you would like to contact me for advice, comments or just to say hi, you can email me at fulltimehoneymooner@gmail.com – all messages welcome!