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Pregnancy Truths – The worst parts of my first trimester

Now, I know everyone is different, no two pregnancies are the same etc etc…but that didn’t stop me from reading every forum around during my first trimester, analysing every symptom under the sun. And on top of that, I would text my best friend (who had just had a baby) EVERY DAY, just checking to see if she’d gone through the same things as me.

Most of the time she could relate but she had loads of symptoms I didn’t experience and vice versa. What I’m trying to get at is, if you’re pregnant right now, I don’t judge you for comparing yourself to the list you’re about to read. I spent hours on the internet looking to read about just 1 woman who felt the same way I did!

Anyways, here we go with my 1st trimester run down:

The GLOW is a lie!!

Once I finally saw my BFP (that’s Big Fat Positive for those of you unfamiliar with the lingo), all my symptoms just…..slowed down. All I was left with was bloating, tender breasts, greasy hair and a spotty face. I basically just had pms skin for a few weeks and it was not flattering!



Speaking of PMS, I definitely became very sensitive angry during these first 12 weeks. I wouldn’t call them mood swings though – my mood could drop down but good luck if you could make it swing back up again within the next few hours! I would stay grumpy, tearful and a bit hateful (mostly towards Mr H!).

Lazy Bones

I could not get up to do anything for weeks! My house started collecting dust, laundry piled up and it would have been a HUGE mistake for you to ask me to complete more than one task per day. I started having daily naps – like, 2 hour long daily naps!

Nausea and Food Aversions!

I would either be starving hungry, or have no appetite at all. And with the lack of appetite came food aversions – goodbye healthy eating! I went off coconut oil, eggs, pasta, spinach and kale! The smell of coconut oil still gives me a little stomach turn at 38 weeks pregnant! I guess I have it better than some…one of my friends went off pizza!


The nausea kicked in during the evenings at about week 5 for me. I would have no appetite, and then feel nauseous from hunger, but not fancy anything to eat, but the longer I went hungry the more nauseous I felt. I was lucky I guess because I never actually threw up and my nausea was much milder than what other pregnant women have had to deal with but it still wasn’t pleasant. I just wanted food to be put in front of me and to not have to make the decision about what to eat myself otherwise it all sounded awful! I think the best thing I could come up with was plain pasta with cheese. And then I felt guilty about the lack of nutrients I was consuming! Let me say, Mr H was NOT very helpful during this trimester. In fact, I almost considered finding myself a new, more helpful daddy for my baby


Bump at 11 weeks – excuse the mess in the background!

On that note, being bump free does not help. I have a feeling that me not looking pregnant contributed to Mr H not really realising that my body was going through a lot of crazy changes and therefore being less sympathetic.

It also means you may feel like shit but no-one can see why because you’re not telling anyone the news yet!



The Doubt

In the UK we don’t get a first scan until you’re 12 weeks pregnant. This means that for about 10 weeks, you worry that this is all  in your head and that the sonographer is going to look at you like a crazy person when they see nothing in your womb!


I was so scared that any activity would shake the baby out of me that I stopped exercising. After a fairly active 3 months away, this was almost a shock to the system and it felt so good to start exercising again once I hit 14 weeks!

Mama bear appeared


I suddenly felt fiercely protective over my rights in our relationship. For example, a slice of cake would normally have been split 30:70 between me and Mr H, with Mr H getting the larger piece obviously! But no way was that happening anymore! I wanted first dibs, I wanted the bigger half, and I definitely wanted seconds!

Also, pissing me off would result in a furious temper that would not die down for hours! I’m much calmer in my 3rd trimester but it’s still a bad idea to rile me up!

Phantom Smells


This one was odd. But I would wake up in the night from the strongest smell of bacon. I’ve never eaten bacon in my life but it literally smelled like someone was cooking it in my room. I’d wake up Mr H to see if he could smell it, sniff outside the window and even do a check of the house to make sure no electricals were burning. It was insane and annoying because (i know this may be blasphemy to some but…) i hate the smell of bacon! Also I was really worried it was the smell of my brain frying..

Dry Mouth

Possibly the most annoying of all my symptoms was dry mouth at night. I would wake up with cotton mouth so bad that it was sometimes hard to even open my mouth to have a drink. And then i swear the water would go straight through me and not actually rehydrate me at all! It was infuriating! I swear I would wake up to dehydration about 5 times in a night which then meant I was tired and grumpy during the day…


This post kinda looks like I’m whinging but I really didn’t have it that bad at all. In fact, compared to some people I’ve spoken to, my first trimester was pretty easy. I had no sickness and I was able to nap or have a complete write off day whenever I felt like it! I have mad respect for those women who brave it through their full-time job during these 12 weeks when you’re not even supposed to tell anyone you’re pregnant btw!? Forget maternity leave – I’m campaigning for statutory 1st trimester leave!


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