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Where have I been for the last….8 months?! Well…..I’ve been growing a child!

After we returned from our honeymoon at the beginning of October Mr H and I decided to start trying for a baby straight away! I get a lot of “oh so soon after getting married?” comments but anyone who knows me can tell you I’ve been broody for about 10 years! In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons Mr H was ‘against’ marriage for so long was because he knew I would want kids straight away!

Anyway,  after a lovely relaxing summer, we were very lucky and managed to conceive in our first month of trying <3. Totally putting this down to the Hawaiian sun and I’ve made it clear to Mr H that we now need to spend 3 months on vacay before trying to get pregnant with baby no.2 as well!

I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and still trying to get my head around pregnancy and baby purchases let alone the fact that at some point within the next 4 – 8 weeks I will have a little mini-mooner joining the family!


Watch this space for new pregnancy blog posts, product reviews and bump updates!


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