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10 tips from 10 days in Waikiki

Our stay in Waikiki was not short but I could definitely have stayed there for longer. A lot of people tend to visit for just a couple of days before moving on to another island but I loved this area as a perfect cross between beachy chill and city vibes.

Even though I spent a good chunk of my time here nursing my sniffles, I did pick up on some helpful tips for those looking to book their next holiday here:

  1. Waikiki beach is busy but (at least during the time we were there) it’s nowhere near as bad as people make out. I’ve been to way busier beaches. Waikiki beach is pretty wide and very long so there’s plenty of space for you to park your towel, and the water is shallow enough for people to spread out in the sea. If you want a slightly quieter area, the beach next to Fort De Russey Park is much quieter but the water gets deeper quicker. Both beaches are great but Waikiki won it for us because the waves are bigger and therefore more fun :p. If you want calmer water though, head to Fort Derussy Park.fullsizeoutput_14da
  2. You will need sun cream! It’s HOT and the sun is intense! I’ve tanned about 5 shades since I got here – through factor 50 spf!
  3. Waikiki is expensive but not as expensive as New York! This was a welcome surprise for us as we had already become desensitised to the stupidly high prices of New York! To help ease the pain, there are happy hours EVERYWHERE – and some places even have it on 2 or 3 times in a day. Yard House for example has plates for half price during it’s happy hour times and actually has a decent vegetarian selection. Pick your meal times/drinking time based on cheaper drinks! 😛

    Drinks and fries at Goofy Cafe
  4. Waikiki is never quiet and especially from our Airbnb, we could hear loud street noises throughout the night! Didn’t bother me tooo much but if you silence to sleep make sure you check for double pane windows.
  5. There aren’t any mosquitos!?! Well, I haven’t seen any, and I’ve had no bites at all since I got here! Perfect! Just fyi though, since I started taking 2 vit. B complex tablets a day in New York, bugs just don’t find me as appealing.
  6. For a great view of the sunset, there’s a little beach shack by Fort Derussy Park called ‘Koa Oasis Beach Bar’. Grab a beer for $5 or a cocktail for $8 and enjoy your unobstructed view!

    Mai tai’s on the beach at sunset!
  7. Vegetarian options aren’t hugely varied in restaurants but you will almost always find something to eat! If you care to venture out slightly, Down To Earth is a vegetarian ‘Wholefoods’ type supermarket where you can find loads of organic fruit/veg/freezer meals and even a completely vegetarian food bar and deli. Depending on where you’re staying, it can be a bit of a walk but if you’re stocking up then an Uber will only cost around $5 each way.
  8. Malasadas….imo..are just inferior doughnuts. I only tried them from Champions bakery but I would not make the trip out there for them again. Leonards is supposed to be better. Try them to try them but don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the chance.

    Malasada from Champions Bakery
  9. Everyone on the beach is chilling with an inflatable donut and you can have one too! They only cost $3.99 from the ABC stores that you’ll see every few steps. We got a bigger one from Walmart for $5. They’re fun for a bit but it’s annoying when you want to swim without them as they just blow around the beach unless babysat.

    I still haven’t taken my donut out again since this one time….
  10. Shops closer to the Ala Moana side of town are way cheaper than on the main Waikiki strip. Head there or even into Ala Moana if you’re looking to buy beach towels/swimsuits/souvenirs etc.

    We love these tiki idols!

There you have it – use this information wisely and feel free to leave any extra trips in the comments section. I’ll be making at least one more trip into Waikiki before we leave so I’ll get a chance to check them out!

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