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Honeymoon Part 2: Waikiki!

I’ve clearly been relaxing in Hawaii too much to have remembered to write!

Well…actually we spent our first week here recovering from colds and so maybe I can be forgiven slightly.


So here’s my round up of Honeymoon Part 2: Episode 1: Waikiki!

Landing at Honolulu airport in the middle of the afternoon gave us some great views over Pearl Harbour and the West coastline but tbh, the views weren’t as spectacular and lush as I had expected. No biggie, I don’t really know what I had expected. The airport itself had a cute little oasis that you walk through before baggage claim which totally put me back into a tropical mood! Unfortunately, Mr H was hitting peak sniffles stage and was in an incredibly grumpus mood so I didn’t get to enjoy it for too long :P.

Waikiki beach is only a 30-40 minute drive from the airport so we lugged our (mysteriously overweight) luggage out of the airport and grabbed a ride to our apartment. FYI, Lyft and Uber aren’t allowed to pick up from inside the airport area but it’s just a 5-10 minute walk to the main road if you can be bothered – you will probably save about $20-30 for it :).

*Side note: Drivers out here are wayyy more chill than in New York – we instantly felt a way more laid back attitude from Hawaiians. Our first driver was even called Bliss!

Our apartment was actually pretty great. Coming from our tiny little airbnb in New York, this place felt like a friggin mansion! Huge living room, kitchen with actual counter space, full size fridge AND a beautiful view from the balcony, overlooking the Ala Wai canal. Not to mention that there was storage for days!

Morning coffee with a view!


We were actually staying at the ‘end’ of Waikiki – slightly further away from the resorts/shopping area but only a 10-15 minute walk to the beach. I actually really recommend this area if you’re looking to do more of a ‘DIY’ holiday (i.e cooking yourself etc) as I found the prices in shops way cheaper than towards the other side. There’s a few grocery stores nearby and also a great organic, vegetarian supermarket called Down To Earth which is obvs where we did our main shop.

Like I said, our first couple of days were spent recovering from colds – first of all Mr H’s man flu cold and then mine straight afterwards :(! It meant we only really ventured out for groceries and to the beach – a dip in the sea cures everything right?


Once we had both recovered to >90%, we only had a couple of days left to explore before our move to Kailua! So you see – I really didn’t have time to write before then :P.


Waikiki itself is basically a tourist town. The coast is lined with resorts and the town is made up of restaurants, bars and expensive stores. Despite the fake feel of the place, it’s actually got a fun vibe – everyone is here to relax and enjoy themselves and the atmosphere definitely reflects that!


Waikiki beach is about 2 miles long starting at the Hilton Resort and ending with the zoo at Diamond Head crater. It’s absolutely beautiful to walk along and there are huge banyan trees scattered around for shade and cute parks and grassy areas to sit in if you don’t fancy getting covered in sand! Also, just check out the colour of the water – it is the perfect shade of
turquoise and is SO inviting after being in the sun for more than 20 minutes! One thing we noticed straight away – Hawaii is HOT! Like, the sun is intense. I had been out in New York for hours almost every day and it was nothing compared to the sun here. Within 6 days of literally 2 hours sun exposure a day in Waikiki, my skin had started to take on a slightly charred look. And I was wearing spf 50! I’ve seriously never tanned so quickly in my life so just a heads up if you come here –  FACTOR 50 is a must!

After New York, it’s kind of hard getting into the habit of having nothing to do apart from relax but this really is the laid back life!


1 thought on “Honeymoon Part 2: Waikiki!”

  1. What you mean man flu? Mr H recovered in one day. You touched down at the airport at 2pm and he was better the next morning.

    This article misrepresents the truth. Take down your site of lies.


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