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Mosquito Bites In New York!


I am dying from mosquito bites! Who knew there were so many mosquitos in NYC ‘cos they sure as hell didn’t warn me!

I think I have about 8 fresh ones on me right now and they sting like crazy! I must have a worse reaction to most because Mr H just feels the little bite and then the next day he’s fine. For some reason, I don’t feel the bite but within 12 hours they swell up and because angry, stinging welts on my skin! Like…to the point where it’s hard to sleep!


And these aren’t giant mossys that you can see and avoid either, our apartment has teeeny tiny hovering little whatsits that you can barely see and somehow avoid the bug zapper tennis racket thing we bought.


How can something so small cause so much discomfort?! I actually woke up in the middle of the night yesterday from stingy itchiness and had to douse my arm in tea tree oil to numb me.

I’ve also started taking a vit B complex because apparently it helps to repel them when they smell it in your sweat. Hopefully this works because I am not happy right now and I am sick of looking for new remedies.

I know DEET is the best way to prevent bites, and yes, when I used it during my travels around South America I only got bitten once in the whole month, but:

  1. DEET melts plastic and nail polish. It even melts it’s own bottle label! – that shit is scary. What is it doing to my skin!?!
  2. Chemicals! – I would prefer to use natural methods if possible. Although if this gets much worse I may have to reconsider.
DEET melting plastic glasses

So I’ve been doing some research, and obviously testing, and here are my finds:

  • Mosquitos are attracted by the smell of sweat – not fresh sweat, but stale sweat. And they can smell it from like 50 yards away. So that means switching from morning showers to night time showers or 2 showers a day. My bites are suspiciously on my right hand side (aka the side next to Mr H when we sleep…) so I’m totally blaming his man odour right now.


  • Apparently vitamin B1 repels insects from biting you because they can smell it in your sweat. I’ve started taking a double dose of vitamin B complex every morning (because that’s what I have on me and also just to be safe!) Vitamin B is water soluble and doesn’t get stored in your body so any excess just seeps out through your pores or you pee it out. Which, I think is what the bugs smell and want to stay away from. We’ll have to see if it works.


  • Vicks Vapo Rub is also supposed to repel bugs, as is citronella oil and other menthol oils. Add a couple of drops to your body lotion and cross your fingers. Vicks hasn’t helped me in relieving the itch though.


  • Apple cider vinegar has not helped my itches so far. I has worked to cool them slightly when applied using a cotton pad, but I haven’t noticed any decent itch relief from it.


  • tea-tree-oil-1055693-20ml-3-640x640Tea Tree Oil does help to relieve the itch – for me anyway. So far it’s the only thing that works even slightly. A decent amount needs to be rubbed onto bite and it will take a minute to start working. This is the only thing that has helped me sleep at night! But make sure it’s 100% pure tea tree.

I am so done with these bites. 

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