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5-Minute Review: Emmetts Pizza

Everyone comes to New York wanting to eat floppy New York Style Pizza, and yeh – if you find a good slice, it’s good! But we’ve had our fair share of disappointing pizza already and Mr H wanted a bit of a change. So, we decided to check out Emmetts, a tiny pub in Greenwich Village serving Chicago style deep-dish pies.

If you’re from Chicago or have every been to Chicago, you’re probably reading this thinking it’s full on blasphemy to go for Chicago style pizza in New York but, you know what? It was actually pretty good and kinda fun!

*Sorry in advance for the crappy photo quality!

Emmetts, New York

Overall Score: 4/5

Would I eat here again? Only if I had a severe deep dish craving.

What did we eat?

Emmetts French Fries

House cut french fries ($5) – 4/5

These were good fries – crispy and well-seasoned. They were slightly on the saltier side and maybe a little too thin for what we felt like eating but you can’t really knock them.


Cheese Louise Deep Dish with Jalepenos ($24) – 4/5

This is their ‘signature’ deep dish as it has a caramelised cheese crust but other than that it’s just a cheese and tomato pie. As the name suggests, there’s a huge amount of cheese on this thing and it comes out of the oven like molten lava – they give you a little egg timer and you have to wait for it to finish before they slice and serve it to you.

Emmetts Cheese Louise Slice

There’s also a lot of sauce on this which it what I love about this style of pizza ‘cos I’m all about the sauce on a pizza! In case you’ve never had it before, Chicago style pizza goes: bread-cheese-sauce, not: bread-sauce-cheese. This way the sauce doesn’t soak into the bread and it stays moist and ooey-gooey and awesome! 😛


It’s very filling and we wished we hadn’t eaten the fries while we waited as we only managed to eat one slice each! This was the medium pizza – meant to serve 1-2 people and I’m not sure we would have been able to finish it even without the fries. Not even kidding – I hadn’t eaten anything else all day and this was a beast! It’s nice to have leftovers for the next day though!

Atmosphere: 2.5/5

It is HOT inside here. Yes, it was a hot summers day when we visited, but a little AC goes a long way! It was just about manageable. It’s also dark and small, which isn’t too bad, but when the weather outside is so lovely it would be nice to have a little sunlight.

The restaurant itself is basically a little pub and we sat at the bar to eat, which was not a problem at all. But don’t go there expecting a fancy restaurant. The actual vibe of the place is chill though – maybe I would prefer it on a winter day when I feel like being a bit more cosy.

Service: 4/5

fullsizeoutput_1277There’s nothing bad about the service here. You have to wait 30 – 40minutes for your pizza to be ready if you want a deep dish and you’re pretty much left to yourself during this time aside from drinks orders (which is how we like it!). The staff are enthusiastic about the food and they’re friendly. No issues here.

Price: 4/5

fullsizeoutput_1276I thought the price was fine – especially considering how much pizza there was – it’s so heavy it felt like I was like carrying a brick home in my pizza box! For $56 we had 3 beers, a medium pie and fries, including tip.


If you’ve got a hankering for some Chicago style pizza in New York, make a trip out here. I wouldn’t say you’ll be disappointed unless you’re a true Chicago style connoisseur!

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