Mulberry Street
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5-minute Review: Paesano’s of Mulberry Street

Mulberry Street in Little Italy is lined with Italian restaurants and, with the menu’s being pretty much identical, it’s difficult to decide where to eat. I can’t say I’ve eaten at them all, but I can give you my review of our experience at Paesano’s and hope it helps in some way.

This was our first meal in New York and we were tired and hungry after a long journey. There are a few other restaurants on the street that look much more appealing to sit at but we were so overwhelmed with options that we ended up just picking this as we walked past it! It’s actually one of the only places we’ve eaten at that I didn’t research online beforehand. Luckily it turned out to be very good!

Paesano’s of Mulberry Street

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Would I eat here again? Yes! It’s probably the best Italian restaurant we’ve ever eaten at! But I would want to try some other places in Little Italy first.

What did we eat?


Rigatoni A La Vodka ($14) – 4.5/5 

The pasta was fresh and the sauce was so good I was spooning it by itself even after I was full!

4 Cheese Pizza ($16) – 4.2/5

Really tasty pizza – to the point where Mr H was kind of taken aback a little! The crust isn’t the bubbled up neopolitan style pizza but kind of crackerey (if that makes sense?). It’s very thin, holds up well enough and is definitely worth trying! The only reason it loses points was because I fancied a chewy crust but you can’t knock the taste here.


3.5/5 – We sat outside because the weather was great and we wanted to people watch as we ate. The only issue with this was the wobbly cafeteria table and, though it didn’t bother us too much, a sturdier table would have been more comfortable. Inside looked much cosier if you prefer that.


4/5 – The service was fine. The waiter could have given us a bit more of a smile but I guess it was pretty late when we got there and he was probably ready to go home. He gave good advice when we asked questions about what to order and our food came quickly.


For Little Italy the price is good, especially considering the quality of the food! We paid $36 for 2 mains incl tip and had food leftover for a snack the next day!

If you’re in Little Italy and don’t have a clue where to start, go here!

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