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5-minute Reviews

New York has so many eating establishments that I go crazy from all the choice and end up too scared to make a decision #fomo!

To help me hopefully pick the right places, I’ve been reading a shit ton of reviews – sometimes literally up until the moment I get to a cash register to make my order! I might have a problem…

Anyway, these reviews always start off with some story about the author’s childhood or some crap and a lot of them spend half their article complaining about the font used on the menu or some other useless shit that I don’t care about and it takes forever to decipher whether or not the actual item was tasty or not!

I’m sorry – sometimes a read is nice but most of the time I just want a yes/no on whether the food here is good or not!

So I’ve decided to start writing up my own reviews on what we’ve been eating, covering only the quick points that I care about when making a decision on whether to spend my money on this place or not!

Problem is, finding time to write a long food review is hard when you’re on holiday! I don’t know how travel bloggers find the time to write when there’s always something else going on! Or maybe I’m just a slow writer?

Anyway, I’m starting a series of 5-minute food reviews to get me finally posting my opinions on all the yummy (and not so yummy) food I’ve been eating on my travels! Hopefully with this time limit, I’ll be able to stick to the main points and cover the things I actually care about when I’m reading a review for somewhere. I hope you agree!

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