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Meet the Honeymooners

R&P-16Recently deciding to get married after a long-term relationship of almost 8 years, we knew what we were getting ourselves into when we tied the knot. As magical as it looks in the image above, we both agree that our wedding day was nothing more than an extravagant party held with all those we hold nearest and dearest. Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast! But as far as we’re concerned, we were already married a long time ago and our relationship hadn’t changed at all. In fact, living, working and playing together means that as far as I’m concerned, my life is destined to be one long honeymoon!


And so, less than 24 hours after this photo was taken, I stepped into my new marital home and examined the pigsty of a bachelor pad that my dear husband had left waiting for me. It doesn’t sound like the perfect start to a marriage but don’t worry – it gets better! You see, as messy (and shameless) as he is, I can’t be too mad at him, because our official honeymoon actually starts in just under 2 weeks….and lasts for 3 months… Yep – we’ve booked ourselves a whole summer of honeymooning in New York and Hawaii! I settled into my housewife duties, tidied up (read: booked a cleaner) and started planning for our upcoming trip.

Being an extended holiday, our honeymoon won’t be the lavish, romantic trip that most couples plan for their first trip as man and wife. In fact, we don’t plan on staying in a fancy hotel at all during our trip and plan on minimal romantic dinners. Instead, we will live, breathe and fully experience life in our chosen two cities as if we were a couple of early retirees!

Over the next few months/years/who knows, I’ll fill this blog with my newly married life, including all the fun of planning our trip and life in the USA. Keep checking in if anything happens to inspire you!







5 thoughts on “Meet the Honeymooners”

    1. Hi Anna, thank you! My husband works for himself and I help out with his business so we were actually able to take the whole 3 months off and just enjoy our time out there! It was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend spending an extended amount of time in another city if you have the chance!

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      1. Yes, I agree it’s amazing! I’m originally from Hungary, I’ve spent 5 months living/working in Tunisia and right now I’m in Boston for almost 2 years. I love to do it, especially if I can learn something new about different cultures.
        It’s awesome you were able to do it together! I love your posts 🙂


      2. That’s a big move! You’re right – opening yourself up to different cultures is what makes the experiences extra special! Thanks for reading my posts! You’re inspiring me to keep writing after a few months of mental block 😛 🙂

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